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 +====== Complex Matrix class ======
 +As of Auryn v0.8 the library comes with a complex matrix class which generalizes [[SimpleMatrix]] to synaptic connections which can have more than just a single scalar value per connection. [[ComplexMatrix]] is essentially a rank three tensor class optimized for sparse synaptic transmission.
 +More specifically,​ like SimpleMatrix the complex matrix class implements a sparse matrix that allows fast access of all elements of one row. It provides row iterators to efficiently propagate
 +spikes. Memory has to be reserved when the class is defined and elements can
 +only be inserted row by row starting from "top left to bottom right"​. This scheme enables
 +related data fields to reside in memory next to each other.
 +ComplexMatrix generalizes SimpleMatrix to a rank 3 tensor in which each
 +synaptic connection can have more than one value (third tensor mode --
 +corresponding to a synaptic state). This allows to efficiently implement state
 +based complex synaptic models which have their own internal dynamics. ​
 +Instead of storing all synaptic data values in one long array the synaptic
 +state values are stored in multiple state vectors which can be manipulated
 +efficiently in a vector based manner.
 +For instance, suppose ''​w''​ holds your instance of ComplexMatris in which you have
 +''​set_num_synapse_states(3)''​. This makes it a connectivity matrix which reserves
 +three state variables of type AurynWeight per synaptic connection. ​
 +Now, decaying all elements of, say, state 3 by a factor ''​foo''​ is as simple as
 +''​w->​get_state_vector(2)->​scale(foo)''​.  ​
 +Adding two of the states for all synapses
 +becomes ​
 +As you imagine these expressions can quickly become rather lengthy. ​
 +It is therefore nice to declare shortcuts in your plastic Connection class such as: 
 +AurynSynStateVector * w_val        = w->​get_state_vector(0); ​
 +AurynSynStateVector * tagging_val ​ = w->​get_state_vector(1); ​
 +AurynSynStateVector * scaffold_val = w->​get_state_vector(2);​
 +You can now work with these as you are used with AurynVector or
 +AurynStateVector instances ''​w_val->​saxpy(foo,​tagging_val)''​
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