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 +====== Default extensions ======
 +I am using the following default file extensions in most of my simulations:​
 +  * [[ras]] spike raster file (human readable) as produced by [[SpikeMonitor]]
 +  * [[spk]] Binary spike raster file written by [[BinarySpikeMonitor]] (decode with [[aube]] or [[Python tools]])
 +  * [[wmat]] Weight matrix file (human readable) in Auryn [[matrix market]] compatible coordinate real format can be exported and imported by any [[SparseConnection]] object
 +  * [[wmat.cstate]] In some older simulations an aditional wmat file to storing [[complex matrix]] states
 +  * [[syn]] Time series file of synaptic weights in human readable format
 +  * [[mem]] Default extension for time series files (human readable) with membrane voltage as written by [[VoltageMonitor]]
 +  * [[pat]] Pattern file (human readable) as can be imported and understood by [[StimulusGroup]],​ [[WeightMonitor]] and [[PatternMonitor]]
 +  * [[netstate]] binary file storing network state as output or loaded by [[system|Auryn kernel]]
 +  * [[prate]] time series (human readable) with population firing rate as written by [[PopulationRateMonitor]]
 +  * [[pact]] Pattern activity time series file (human readable) computes and monitors population firing rates in neural subpopulations. Produced by [[PatternMonitor]]
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