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 +====== Simulator Init ======
 +Whenever using Auryn you will be required to place the following code in your main program, which initializes the global objects
 +<code c++>
 +    // BEGIN Auryn Init
 +    mpi::​environment env(ac, av);
 +    mpi::​communicator world;
 +    communicator = &world;
 +    logger = new Logger(logfile,​world.rank());​
 +    sys = new System(&​world);​
 +    // END Auryn Init
 +where I assumed that the string ''​logfile''​ was declared before and should for clarity reasons point to a file with file extension ''​log''​. This snipped of init code frist sets up the [[Boost]] MPI libraries and namely the communicator under the global handle ''​world''​. It then creates the ''​logger''​ of type [[Logger]] and then initializes the global variable ''​sys''​ of type [[System]]. The two objects manage the interactions of all Auryn objects which are defined consequently. They are therefore required to exist under the names ''​logger''​ and ''​sys''​ before any of the simulator code is run.
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