LaTeX rebuttal

This is my LaTeX template for responding to reviewers. I have extended several macros that I found on stackexchange to allow LaTeX style cross referencing between reviewers points. Here is how it looks:

Note the circle in red which is the reference inserted with the \ref tag.

The source code

\usepackage{lipsum} % to generate some filler text

% import Eq and Section references from the main manuscript if needed
% \usepackage{xr}
% \externaldocument{manuscript}

% define counters for reviewers and their points

% This refines the format of how the reviewer/point reference will appear.

% command declarations for reviewer points and our responses
                  \section*{Reviewer \thereviewer}}
\newcommand{\point}[1]{\refstepcounter{point}  \bigskip \hrule \medskip \noindent 
               \textsl{{\fontseries{b}\selectfont \thepoint } \medskip #1}\par}
\newcommand{\reply}{\medskip \noindent \textbf{Reply}:\ }   

% General intro text goes here

\point{Point one description \label{pt:foo}}


\point{First point of Reviewer \thereviewer}
\reply{This point was already answered as \ref{pt:foo}.}

\point{Description of second point \label{pt:bar}}