Friedemann Zenke

Computational neuroscientist at the FMI in Basel. Main interests: Learning, memory, and information processing in  biologically inspired (spiking) neural networks.

Please note that most of this site’s contents has moved to zenkelab.org.


  • Paper: Surrogate gradients for analog neuromorphic computingPaper: Surrogate gradients for analog neuromorphic computing
    Update (22.01.2022): Now published as Cramer, B., Billaudelle, S., Kanya, S., Leibfried, A., Grübl, A., Karasenko, V., Pehle, C., Schreiber, K., Stradmann, Y., Weis, J., et al. (2022). Surrogate gradients for analog neuromorphic computing. PNASContinue reading Read more »
  • Join the team – we are hiringJoin the team – we are hiring
    We are looking for undergrads, PhD students, and post-docs who possess dependable quantitative skills and are curious about how neural networks in the brain learn and process information. Research directions of interest include: Principles ofContinue reading Read more »
  • Story on Spiking Neural Networks
    Here is a quick shout-out to this nice news story on spiking nets and surrogate gradients by Anil Ananthaswamy, the Science Communicator in Residence at the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing in Berkeley.Continue reading Read more »