Privacy (GDPR)

When visiting this website it stores a trace of your access data in the server logs and via the Matomo website analytics software. Server logs are periodically deleted after they have been analyzed. Additionally, the Matomo analytics software may store additional information and a randomized cookie on your computer which it uses to see whether you came back to this site. If you do not want this you can either opt out (below) or it will also respect your browser “DoNotTrack” settings if you have them enabled.

What information is collected and how is it used?

All collected information is only used by myself for the purpose of understanding how this website is accessed. This ultimately allows me to further improve the site. I take privacy seriously and none of the collected information is given out to third parties unless I am required to do so by law (which has never happened). Specifically, the information stored about your visit is

  • the website visited
  • time of access
  • amount of data transferred in bytes
  • browser type
  • operating system
  • your IP address

Privacy settings (Matomo analytics)

You can change this behavior if you do not want this. Your current status is the following: