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I am happy to announce a long overdue maintenance release of Auryn v0.8.2m with plenty of fixes and improvements. Most notable improvement are the added support for non x86 architectures such as Arm and PowerPC. Special thanks to Ankur Sinha …

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The stable Auryn version 0.8 is available now. The new version comes with extensive refactoring under the hood an now supports complex synapse models and improved vectorization for neuron models. The new version is available on github

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Last week I put up a release branch for Auryn v0.8 which is currently in alpha stage. The code can be found here https://github.com/fzenke/auryn/releases The main perks: Further increase of performance. Class-based state vectors for neuronal and synaptic states for ease …

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… just got a lot easier with the new AurynVector class. Because Auryn originally used GSL vectors (which predates C++) it was still using non object oriented syntax for vector data types internally. That made writing code for new neuron …

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The new stable Auryn version is now online After a couple of months of testing, Auryn 0.7.0 is now available for download. The new version now finally uses cmake throughout and can thus be built on Windows PCs and Macs …

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