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Transmitter types

Transmitter types in Auryn determine on which neuronal or synaptic variable a synaptic event has an effect. The following types are currently implemented in auryn_definitions.h (see also the code of Connection):

  • GLUT: target glutamatergic receptors at destination neuron
  • GABA: target gabaergic receptors at destination neuron
  • AMPA: target AMPA receptors only at receiving neuron
  • NMDA: target NMDA receptors only at receiving neuron
  • MEM: target the membrane voltage directly (for instance to implement current-based synapse models)
  • CURSYN: target an auxiliary variable (see default StateVectors or g_cursyn) used to implement current-based synapses with dynamics (e.g. exponential currents in SIFGroup)
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