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StateVector default specifiers

Each SpikingGroup in Auryn stores and manages a selection of StateVectors which can be accessed through string specifiers/handles and be read out using a StateMonitor.

The following default specifiers objects are initialized per default in all classes based on NeuronGroup.

  • mem The membrane potential
  • thr The adaptive component of the firing threshold as used in some default models such as IFGroup.
  • g_ampa The vector storing the AMPA conductance.
  • g_nmda The vector storing the NMDA conductance.
  • g_gaba The vector storing the GABA conductance.

In addition to that each neuron group may initialize and use additional StateVectors. For instance, the get_state_vector(“foobar”) function returns the pointer to a StateVector with handle foobar. If the instance does not exist prior to the call, a new instance with that specifier will be created.

Some neuron groups additionally use auxiliary or temporary variables which are often defined as StateVectors. It is customary to begin their key with the prefix t_ for “temporary”. Note however, that also these temporary variables are stored alongside the neuron model when the network state is saved.

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